Portrait of Britain

Where architecture, meets design, meets photography. The National Museum of Photography in Denmark is a well-kept secret inside an architectural landmark. 

     ︎ Founded by editor Rosa Park -Cereal Magazine- and designer Fred Rigby, Francis Gallery was on my wish-list for a long time. Situated in the beautiful Bath, the British city with a glorious Roman past, over a long weekend I managed to visit the heritage-listed Georgian townhouse where Francis Gallery is.

In its interior, I discovered Mikyung Kim’s geometric paintings. “My works are about my relationship with my surroundings, and the world,” she says. “They are records of my developing awareness of life and the perception of subtle feelings. Geometry is a vehicle that expresses the unfolding, overlaying, emptying, and connecting of my actions on the surfaces. The sense of touch, and the very act of painting, guides me toward the moment in which a painting is done. When the work is finished, it will reflect my way of being and my way of seeing.”

In Rosa’s words "At Francis, there is a fluid interplay between the works, furnishings, antiques and interior details."

If you are an art and architecture lover, don’t hesitate to add Francis Gallery in your list of inspiring places to visit in Bath.