Spirit of Park Royal

In Praise of Community. 

     ︎ "It is with great pleasure we welcome Nacho Rivera as our artist in residence this autumn. The invitation was to capture our local Neighbourhood with all its worldly splendour.

We are so fortunate to have so many different trades, personalities and backgrounds represented in this collection and over our respective fences lanes, and the canal. Not only is Nacho a great photographer, but he makes the subject feel comfortable and at ease.

Working on film he makes the process more vulnerable, but also makes each time he opens the shutter matter more. The compositions are consistent yet variable, but provides us viewers a sense of body of work that stands on it is own, but is fully in line with all what we stand for at Garden Studios."

Thomas Hoegh
Founder and CEO – @gardenstudioshq

"Spirit of Park Royal" - In Praise of Community -

"Sorry, but you are not allowed to smile," I told them as they posed in front of my camera. At that moment, a sense of confusion descended into the space. A smile is usually a mask. And we all love masks. But I wanted to go slightly deeper, and create an atmosphere where we could uncover something more. Instead of a smile, I invited them to share with me a feeling: the feeling of belonging.

We conceived "Spirit of Park Royal" as a tribute to the concepts of community and connection. I used photography as the language to speak about these values.

A portrait is not only the work of the photographer. I believe that creating a photographic portrait requires teamwork. Every picture included in this project is the result of a relaxed dialogue, combined with the generosity of everyone who shared their precious time with me. The photographs represent the energy shared in each encounter. And assembled in this project, the idea of communion.

I think that keeping the ingredients simple, a classic analogue camera, and natural light always creates a magical atmosphere. Working this way forced us to slow down and be present. I hope that this approach helped everyone who participated in the project to step outside of their daily routines for a few minutes and enjoy the experience, as I did.

Thank you to @gardenstudioshq and the Park Royal community for allowing me to be a part of their family. Having the opportunity to photograph such an inspiring group of people was a gift.

And now, yes, we are all allowed to share our smiles.