These White Walls

Capturing 'The Withdrawing Room’,  a reminder to savour our private sanctuaries, and turn technology off.

     ︎ In Autumn 2019, I was commissioned by These White Walls, a multi-award-winning studio that creates beautifully crafted, bespoke interiors, to photograph the essence of its magical project at Decorex festival, London.

These White Walls was founded in 2017 by Rose Murray. The studio’s practice represents the synthesis of her multidisciplinary background as a scenographer, stylist and designer.

When I saw the space for the first time, I was delighted by every detail I found. The atmosphere of the room was serene and warm. It contained plenty of delicate and inspiring art works from many artists. 

One of the highlights was the magical flock of little plaster birds flying over the heads of the visitors. They were carefully hand-crafted, one by one, by Pigmentti. They also hand-painted the detailed elevations across the interior, in a trompe l'oeil style.

Contemplating and mindfully capturing the soul of the room was both a challenge and a great pleasure.