Tom Aikens

Photographing Tom Aiken’s creativity at Muse, his Michelin Star Restaurant in London for Finish & Feast.

     ︎ Due to the pandemic, in 2020 hospitality has been especially affected by goverment restictions, particularly in London, where restaurants are one of the main attractions of the city.

With this in mind, Finish & Feast created the UK’s premier fine dining meal assembly kit platform, which allows people across the UK to enjoy food from some of the best chefs and restaurants on offer.

I was commissioned by Finish & Feast to capture Tom Aikens’s menu: “Musette”, prepared in the kitchen of his recently Michelin star awarded restaurant Muse, in Central London. At age 26, whilst working as the Head Chef of Pied à Terre, Tom Aikens became the youngest British chef ever awarded two Michelin stars.

Now, after recently receiving another star for Muse, Tom shared this comment on his website: “What an unimaginable and challenging year we have all had, but every cloud has a silver lining, thank you Michelin! Despite the current circumstances, we sincerely hope and believe that we will all be able to get back to doing what we love soon, as our journey has only just begun and we have a lot more in store for you all… ” 

In these times, one of the things I enjoy most about my job is working with talented and inspiring people, who are passionate about what they do, and the Finish & Feast team and Tom Aikens are both good examples.

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