Yushu Gallery 

Light, objects, materials and a extrange sense of peace and beuty fills this specail place. Am inspiring space where to enjoy every single moment. 

     ︎ I'm delighted to announce my new photography exhibition in collaboration with @theyushufamily, in the new Yushu Gallery, in the heart of Oxford.

In a very serene and intimate space, surrounded by a curated selection of Chinese art and crafts, you can enjoy some photographs from my project "Pure", a behavior exploration that invites the viewer to reflect on the way we live in developed societies, through portraits of individuals who live differently, at a much slower pace.

After over eight years, @theyushufamily has built a complete system of private library design, including space cultivation, booklist design, and curation of art and crafts. Through the compound management of five spaces, various high-quality activities and exhibitions have been held to transform the private library into a humanistic living space embodying culture and aesthetics, which also aims to be the beautiful home of all Chinese people.