Surfing with Durango14, an iconic band from Madrid that mix electricity and waves to create powerful and energetic songs.

     ︎ In the last few years, Durango14 has become one of the most singular bands on the Spanish Rock scene. Inspired by a variety of eclectic music styles, Durango14 created their unique sound, called “Surf&Roll Espeso”.

Formed by five extraordinary musicians with incredible energy, they don’t need a singer, they use their instruments as voices. 

I worked with them on their first two albums, designing a unique visual identity to suit their particular style. They record their music the old fashion way, avoiding digital studios and using analogue materials. Something very unusual nowadays which brings a special atmosphere to their albums.

With this in mind, for the photography session I decided to use 35mm and medium format analogue cameras, with black & white film, developing and printing the pictures by hand. The whole process, the grain and the texture created, instilled the photographs with an electric feeling.

As a music lover, creating visual content for bands is one of my favourite types of commission. Blending music and photography, two artistic disciplines intimately interconnected, is always a pleasure.

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