Helen Sirp

The Tate Modern was the space that Helen and I chose to find inspiration for a new portrait to match her creative personality.

     ︎ Helen Sirp is an award winning Creative & Art Director based in London. As she explains, she is constantly challenging and reinventing the language of visual sensorial storytelling in her projects.

In the last few years, she has also been a guest lecturer for the BA Fashion and Design departments at the Estonian Academy of Arts, launching and developing her unique Art Direction and Set Design course.

To boost her personal brand, she wanted a minimal portrait that was, at the same time genuine, and matched her personality, so we started to plan the photoshot thinking about which space would best fit our ideas. We both agreed that there was nowhere better than the Blavatnik Building, the extension of the Tate Modern designed by Herzog & de Meurona.

I felt very comfortable working in this incredible space, as the Blavatnik Building is the spot where I teach “Understanding the light” - one of my photography workshops.

It is wonderful to work with people who are open to experimenting, and Helen is definitely one of those, so we played with compositions, attitudes, light and shadows, colour and movement.

Working with Helen and blending two of my passions: architecture and portraits, made this commission a true joy.

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