Managing your camera | In-person |

In this two day in-person photography workshop for beginners, you will take the first step in your journey, cultivating a solid understanding of how to control your camera using the manual mode in Barbican Center, an iconic and inspiring place in Central London.

After a brief introduction to the history of photography, you will discover how to instinctively manage and combine the fundamental concepts in photography: aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity, from a creative perspective. 

During the workshop, we will focus on visual aspects like depth of field and movement, and you will develop advanced skills to focus your camera quickly and precisely.

In the week between the sessions, you will practice your new knowledge through mini assignments. At the end of the workshop, I will send you clear notes and a short test to check your progress.

After completing this workshop, you will have forgotten the automatic mode and be ready to jump into creative photography.

Content & information

  • Introduction to the history of photography.
  • Fundamentals: aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity.
  • Visual concepts: depth of field and movement.
  • Key skills: measuring light and focusing.
  • Creative challenges and support.
  • In-person workshop - 2 days - 10 to 14 (GMT).
  • Small group - 8 students max.
  • Equipment - A camera with manual mode.


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