To teach is to learn twice

For Nacho Rivera photography is not only his profession, it is his way of living and sharing his passion, a privilege. Discover how some of his students felt after attending his photography workshops in London.


Takako  @tin12

Understanding the light

It was the most exciting and enjoyable 4 hours of my life! (Yes, I mean it.) I’ve learned a lot and now I understand what “measuring the light” actually means.

Thanks so much, Nacho‼︎ You’re a brilliant teacher. I hope to see you again in another workshop.

Juan Carlos  @parsifal_poirot
1 to 1 lessons

Change your paradigms. Attending Nacho's 1 to 1 lesson removes the "straitjacket" that photographic technique sometimes imposes, to focus on creativity. Photography as art.

Sasha  @sashap_creates
Understanding the light

I spent a weekend with Nacho doing the Managing your camera and Understanding the light photography courses. I just wanted to refresh my knowledge of photography to get back into it again. What a fantastic experience. I enjoyed my time over the weekend.

Nacho is passionate about what he does and his enthusiasm is infectious. He is a great teacher, calm and patient while getting the hang of handling a camera.

Thank you Nacho for the experience.

Jaume  @jpareracasals
1 to 1 lessons

I highly recommend the mentoring program to start or consolidate a photographic project, with questions that you will end up answering and sharing a sincere and very professional talk.

Managing your camera

I really enjoyed the workshop. I learned how to do the basics with my camera and feel a lot more confident than I did!

Would suggest for very beginners as a great way to start learning about photography.

Ricardo  @yerric
Understanding the light

I had the pleasure of experiencing a fantastic day learning about Undertstanding the light  with Nacho last week. Nacho opened my eyes in areas where my knowledge was limited. Great workshop.

Thank you Nacho! Great photographer and teacher.

Isabel  @xabecb_
Managing your camera

Highly recommended! Today has been one of the most enriching days since I have been in London.

At first it was simply a photography workshop but it has been much more than that. It has been a day of growth. We have talked about culture, art, travel and, of course, photography a lot of photography.

So today, with a fuller soul and more knowledge, I can only say that I am looking forward to doing the next workshop. Thank you very much Nacho!

Jessica @swedemella
Managing your camera

I took part in the Manaiging your camera workshop.

Nacho is a great teacher, very enthusiastic. Will be booking the Understanding the light workshop with him as well.

Ana  @ana_w_smile
1 to 1 lessons

I did a 1 to 1 lesson last Saturday and, after that session, I feel inspired to try new things and get out there to find my style.

Lucía  @luciablascophoto
Managing your camera

Nacho not only transmits his knowledge about photography but also his passion for it.

His workshops are practical, entertaining and very interesting. 100% recommendable!

Nadine  @nadinestrellav
Managing your camera

Nacho is very charm and a great professional. he explains everything very clearly and with great passion. The workshop is not only focused on how to use the camera but also he shows you a new way of observing and introduces you to photographic culture.

The clock stopped for more than 5 hours and finally, everything made sense. I recommend it 100%.

I liked it so much that I signed up for the Managing your camera workshop and ended up attending the Undertstanding the light workshop the next day. Looking forward to proposing new courses to continue learning.

Javier  @javalr
1 to 1 lessons

Nacho is an interesting guy, with artistic vision included. It makes you ask important questions not about taking photos, but about life. Without a doubt, it is worth going to see what it says. Very uplifting.

Managing your camera

I had been looking for the ideal workshop for me for a long time, but I did not decide on one. In the end, I decided to try a workshop with Nacho, and I am so happy!

We were a small group, which helped personalize the workshop. Nacho has a lot of patience, very entertaining and enjoyable. I didn't even look at the clock!

I recommend it to someone who has no idea how to handle a camera. And if you know a little bit of the basics, it will help you to consolidate concepts and go a little further.

Miguel @mgartov
Understanding the light

Highly recommended workshops. I attended the Undertstanding the light  workshop and it exceeded all my expectations.

I really liked both the format and the help from Nacho at all times during the practical part. It makes you think about situations in advance and gives you the freedom to carry them out.

I have read and watched many videos, but it has nothing to do with the face-to-face workshop. I will definitely sign up for future courses.

Manuel  @mhdezidesign
Understanding the light

I attended the Undertstanding the light  workshop, and I enjoyed it so much.

I have learned many things that I thought required equipment, study and many things that I don't longer need at all. Nacho has helped me open my eyes and see that you can create great pictures without needing anything more than a camera and the desire to photograph.

But the best of all is the effort that Nacho puts into explaining and helping you understand and see everything that we can achieve by working with light, nothing to do with other workshops I have attended.

I will certainly repeat soon.