Understanding the light  | In-person |

Learning how to understand and capture light is the most important skill to acquire in your journey towards creating powerful images.

In this two day in-person photography workshop for intermediates, you will first learn how to observe natural light in an iconic and inspiring place in Central London, taking inspiration from some of the world’s most iconic photographers. Then we will learn how to apply this knowledge, using the correct settings of your camera to control and harness the light in your pictures.

In the week between the sessions, you will practice your new knowledge through short assignments. At the end of the workshop, I will send you clear notes so you will be able to remind yourself what you have learnt whenever you need.

It is suitable for those already comfortable with controlling their camera in manual mode.

After completing the workshop, you will understand natural light in photography, and be capable of managing it in a creative way, taking your pictures to the next level. Nothing will be the same!

Content & information

  • Characteristics of natural light.
  • Emotional and psychological aspects of light.
  • Camera settings to manage the light.
  • Experimenting with exposure.
  • Short assignments and support.
  • In-person workshop - 2 days - 10 to 14 (GMT).
  • Small group - 8 students max.
  • Equipment - A camera with manual mode.


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